A Trade Printer? 

A trade printer provides wholesale printing to print resellers, who resell to end users. A trade printer has no engagement with the reseller’s customers without the reseller’s consent. A trade printer sells printing at wholesale rates, which allows the reseller to mark up the printing prices to market equivalent retail rates.

The reseller’s margin may vary depending on local market prices and the services offered to their client. Some print resellers just place orders and send them to their customers, whilst others design the piece, acquire print quotes, attend press runs, and deliver the final product to the customer.

Who employs commercial printers?
Graphic designers, advertising and marketing agencies, print brokers, and anybody else who resells printing to their customers utilize trade printers. If a commercial printer lacks specialized printing capabilities, such as foil embossing, special binding, or large format printing, it may employ a trade printer.

What characteristics should a commercial printer have?
Work with a trustworthy printer who has a track record of accomplishment. Because your reputation is at stake, find out how long the printer has been in business. Request samples of their work in order to assess the quality of their printing and learn more about the commercial printing technologies they provide.

Client relationship protection
Even if they also provide commercial printing to the end user, reliable trade printers will not try to steal your business. A professional trade printer will give you unbranded samples and catalogs to give to your clients and will never contact your customers directly without your permission. Your client’s printed products will be sent in plain or “blind” packaging.

Excellent customer service
Look for a business printer with educated customer service representatives that are knowledgeable about printing and are available to answer questions over the phone. They must be able to offer estimates quickly in order for you not to lose business.

Options for shipping and manufacturing
A good trade printer will provide a variety of shipping and production speed choices to meet your clients’ deadlines. As a reseller, you may be qualified for priority order processing and manufacture.

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