What is Direct Mail or (EDDM)?

The distribution of advertising materials to persons who live in a specific region is known as direct mail. Because advertising mail delivery is an important and growing service provided by many postal systems, direct marketers must employ this form of promotion.

Use Every Door Direct Mail® services to promote your successful business in your community. EDDM allows you to distribute postcards, menus, and brochures to the right individuals. You may utilize it for selling, establishing a new location, or providing discounts.

Visit USPS and use the EDDM Online Tool to map ZIP codes and neighborhoods—you can even filter by age, income, and family size!

According to Epsilon research, many customers truly like to receive mail marketing communications, with 59% agreeing with the statement “I love getting postal mail from businesses offer new goods.”

Many people find it difficult to keep up with their social media accounts on a daily basis. Physical marketing communications, such as direct mail, can, on the other hand, be stored in pockets and wallets for ready access when needed.

This implies that companies won’t have to worry about receiving Facebook posts or Instagram updates before the receiver forgets about them; instead, they’ll always know when something new is available because the paper piece won’t vanish after just one glimpse, indicating its immediate availability.

Mail has been in existence for over a century. However, due to the development of email and social media, mail is becoming extinct in Canada, where it was once king.

However, this one-way communication (you can’t respond to what’s written) is immune to many technological issues connected with digital advertising, such as malware infection or mistakenly deleting messages on someone else’s phone/computer – plus we don’t require WiFi connectivity!

Mail may be out of date these days, but there are numerous reasons why you should not underestimate its effectiveness when it comes to efficiently marketing your product or service:

1)An envelope cannot be used to infect a computer.

2)Mail is not misplaced since it is recycled immediately after being read.

While exploring the web, who hasn’t been offered a free iPad? Many consumers, particularly the elderly or those who are inexperienced with technology, are drawn to the familiarity of direct mail because it instills a sense of trust and dependability.

EDDM mail and online marketing are natural competitors, and they may appear to contradict one another. This, however, is not the case. In reality, the two work quite well together.

Direct mail may be used to achieve the same goals as online ads at any step in the marketing funnel.

Whatever your objective is, EDDM mail can help you achieve it by integrating it with other marketing strategies to improve overall performance, customer engagement, and ROI.

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