What is spot UV ?

Spot UV is a high-end choice for business cards and brochure covers since it involves adding a transparent, glossy coating to certain parts of  the artwork to create a striking contrast.

Even though printers can use this method on white paper or card stock, it works best on color-printed products to increase product shine, protect color, and keep moisture and damage out in order to maintain the product.

What exactly is Spot UV and how does it function?
For conventional UV coating, sheets are fed via rollers that flood the sheet with UV coating. Following application, the sheet is exposed to Infrared and UV rays, which quickly dries it.

The UV varnish is applied to a die-cut template, usually as a very thin film that is applied to the sheet to ensure that only the necessary components of the design are coated in order to produce the desired contrasting effect in the spot process.

What distinguishes Spot UV?
This approach is the pinnacle of premium printing techniques; it is a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable way to introduce oneself and leave a lasting impression. We propose matching the Spot UV with a Matt Lamination to create true contrast and depth to your design because of the outstanding clarity and eye-catching finish.

The laminating technique also increases the product’s lifespan. The thick UV varnish also provides the materials a smooth but tactile feel, giving them a perfect way to advertise your business with something no one wants to throw away!

When submitting artwork for Spot UV work, we propose two versions: one with only your artwork and one with the components you want the UV varnish applied to clearly emphasized in a contrasting hue, such as 100 percent Magenta. This allows us to exactly define where you want the varnish applied, ensuring that your order is executed to your exact specifications.

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Spot UV